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 September 1, 2020 |

Even if you are the one who made the decision to end your marriage in a Louisiana court, it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t encounter any emotional challenges as you work toward a settlement with your spouse and lay the groundwork for a new lifestyle. Divorce prompts many changes in life, some of which can be stressful or difficult to navigate.

Approaching divorce as though it is a business transaction might help you avoid emotional stress during proceedings. However, you’ll be spending a lot of time alone as you make plans for a new future, and you might be caught off guard by how you feel at times.

Stop trying to control every issue in divorce

How many nights have you laid awake since you decided to file a petition for divorce? Whether you’re rehashing old marital problems to make sure you didn’t leave a stone unturned or you’re worried that you won’t have enough money to make ends meet, such thoughts can negatively affect your health.

Try to think of positive thoughts, including dreams or plans you have for you (and your kids, if you’re a parent) for the future. It’s even okay to think of happy memories of times you shared with your ex during marriage. The point is to control your thought process so you do not feel stressed and worried all the time.

Check in with your kids

Keep lines of communication open with your kids. Their emotions might fluctuate from day to day, maybe even hour to hour. It’s best to keep them as far removed from parental conflict as possible but also to recognize that they have feelings and will need your support as you all move on in life together.

Journaling can help process your emotions

You don’t have to be a professional writer to benefit from putting thoughts on paper. In fact, keeping a journal can be helpful in divorce, and having a written account of your feelings is something you can look back on in years to come.

Are you feeling angry or resentful about your marriage coming to an end? Perhaps, you’re feeling a sense of liberation and independence that you never felt while you were married. Taking time each day to write a few thoughts in a journal can help you cope and move on in life in a healthy, productive manner.

Don’t be afraid to let others provide support

While you might enjoy your newly found independence, it’s OK to reach out for support when times get tough in a divorce. You don’t have to go it alone.

Close friends, extended family members, licensed counselors and legal advocates can step in to assist you as needed, forming a strong network of support that helps you accomplish your goals.

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