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 December 22, 2021 |

Many Louisiana married couples end up getting divorced. It’s been determined that age may be able to predict whether you and your spouse might divorce.

Who is more likely to divorce?

When couples decide to take that big step and get married, they usually don’t think about what might happen in the future. No newly married couple thinks that divorce might be in their future.

A study was performed that looked at formerly married couples to determine why they ended up in divorce proceedings. The researchers conducted a poll where they asked participants about issues in their marriages and whether they were a factor that led to their divorces.

Age was shown to be a major factor that determined couples ended up getting a divorce as 45% of participants said that marrying too young was a major cause. The researchers explored deeper and learned that out of those people, the average age of their marriages taking place was when they were 23.3 years old. Those who were 29.2 years old when they got married stated that age was not a factor leading to their divorce.

Why is age a factor in divorce?

Couples who get married young might decide to walk down the aisle impulsively. People who are younger don’t often have the level of maturity needed to end up making a marriage succeed. They lack the social and coping skills necessary to ensure that the marriage will work for the long term.

Additional studies show that while 23 is the average age where people state age is a factor that led to their divorce, 32 is another notable age. Research reveals that getting married before age 32 lowers the odds of the marriage ending in divorce by 11%. Meanwhile, there is an additional 5% chance of divorce per year after age 32.

The study looked at couples and former of varying ages who were or had been married. It found that those who get married between the ages of 28 and 32 were the least likely to end up getting a divorce. Age cannot outright predict divorce, but it is a factor according to research, so couples getting engaged should be aware and ensure that they are ready to make a marriage work.

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