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 August 8, 2011 |

When your marriage has ended and you want to take the right steps to protect your future and the interests of your family, an experienced and thorough lawyer can be of great assistance, helping you protect your rights. The family law system in Louisiana can be confusing and intimidating. You may be uncertain of your rights and responsibilities in matters related to adoption, child custody, child support or divorce. You want an attorney who knows the law and the process, who will take the time necessary to help you carefully evaluate all your options and make the right decisions.

At the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC, we assist clients throughout Baton Rouge and the surrounding communities who are involved in family law issues, from adoption to divorce. Collectively, we bring decades of experience to men and women at any stage of a divorce or family law matter, whether you have just filed or are in the middle of a divorce or adoption proceeding. We can protect your rights in court, but also have a qualified family law mediator on our staff. We know how to quickly determine the next step in your family law case.

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