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 February 24, 2021 |

Sometimes, the child custody battle can be more stressful than the actual divorce. If a judge awarded you and your former spouse joint custody in Louisiana, you’ll have to agree on certain issues while accepting that you both have different parenting styles. Unfortunately, some individuals have opposing goals for their children, which makes it nearly impossible to compromise.

What are some common child custody disagreements?

After their child custody case is settled, many people disagree on where they should send their children to school. One parent may want to send his or her child to public school while the other person may want his or her child to attend a private religious school. They may also have differing opinions about school districts in the area.

Some parents also argue about their children’s extracurricular activities. One parent may not approve of his or her ex’s choice of activities. Even if they both approve, one parent may expect the other to pay for all after-school activities, which could lead to another argument. One parent may also feel like he or doesn’t get enough time with his or her children because they have after-school activities all week.

Finally, some parents have disagreements regarding doctors and medical procedures. If their child is sick or injured, parents are already under a lot of stress. They may take it out on each other by arguing about their child’s medical care. One parent may also prefer one doctor or hospital over another. If a child requires expensive medical procedures, the parents may fight over health insurance coverage or who must pay for expenses. Ultimately, they may need to consult a family law attorney to help them resolve the issue.

Could an attorney help you after your divorce?

Some parents resolve their issues with an amicable divorce and create a successful co-parenting plan. Others continue to argue after their divorce is finalized, which creates additional stress for them and their children. If you and your former spouse can’t seem to agree on anything, an attorney could help you reach a compromise. A lawyer may also help you bring the issue to court and let a judge make the final decision.

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