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 June 7, 2018 |

Last week’s post discussed parenting plans and how having one in force can help parents maintain an agreeable child custody, decision and visitation schedule and establish a routine that everyone can rely on. But summer vacation is upon Louisiana residents and that means child custody arrangements change, depending on the type of situation one is in.

Most agreements generally set out what the arrangement will be over the summer-the vacation could be divided on a bi-weekly basis or a monthly basis. Though this may simplify the situation for families, most awards also stipulate a deadline by which one parent must notify the other of the arrangement and not staying on top of that can sour family relations as well as summer vacations.

Communication is key to ensuring that summer vacations remain enjoyable for children, despite the parents’ relationship with another. Parents must share their travel plans with one another on a timely basis, especially if the child will be traveling out of state. Most child custody agreements stipulate this and parents could face legal action if they fail to do so. Additionally, discussing the safety of the place being traveled to and ensuring the necessary paperwork is in order is also important.

When coming up with vacation plans, parents should try not to make it into a competition with one another. Quality time is important, not fancy trips and this should be kept in mind throughout the trip. Similarly, tensions between parents should not be communicated to the child, as their summer break is their time to unwind. Child custody decisions are made in the best interests of the children and their well-being should be everyone’s priority post divorce. To know how one can ensure that during and after a divorce, it might be beneficial to consult an experienced attorney.

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