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 April 13, 2016 |

Children can be expensive. Food, clothing and schooling expenses can be costly, but for many children these costs just scratch the surface. Unfortunately, many Louisiana children who are up for adoption have special needs that often deter families from taking them into their home. In many instances, it is the mere cost of providing adequate care and treatment to such a child that causes hesitation. Although this may be understandable, Louisiana residents should recognize that the state provides an incentive to adopt these children: an adoption subsidy.

The adoption subsidy is specifically intended to allow families that would otherwise be unable to adopt special needs children to afford to bring them into their home. Subsidies are only given for children who qualify, and they can last until the child turns 18 years of age. But, what exactly qualifies a child for an adoption subsidy?

The list of possible qualifying characteristics is quite long. Those with physical and mental disabilities will likely qualify, but so, too, may any child over the age of five. Children who have an ethnic background may also be eligible for a subsidy, as well as those who have a serious medical condition. However, meeting one of these characteristics is not a guarantee that a subsidy will be given. Instead, the state looks at this criteria to determine how difficult it is to recruit adoptive parents for the child in question.

There are different types of subsidies that may be available to adoptive parents. Those who have questions about adoption, adoption subsidies or what legal steps they need to take to ensure the best outcome possible under the circumstances may need to get more information.

Source: Department of Children & Family Services, “Adoption Subsidy,” accessed on April 8, 2016

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