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 February 26, 2013 |

The tragic and premature end of a famous country singer’s life has laid the groundwork for a tug-of-war over her children. Singer Mindy McCready recently committed suicide, leaving her two children in foster care. The children — two boys ages 6 and 10 months — were in foster care initially after child services took them away from McCready just 10 days before her death.

Now, a number of parties have come forward vying for child custody.

McCready’s father and stepmother are fighting for custody against the singer’s mother and stepfather. The 6-year-old’s father is also in on the battle. The father of the 10-month-old is no longer alive.

McCready originally lost custody of her boys shortly before her death after an altercation with her dad. Her father and stepmother were at her home one day when McCready called police to have them removed. Her calls for help backfired when police determined that she was under the influence of alcohol and could be a hazard to her children.

Following the altercation, the biological father of the 6-year-old boy requested custody of the child. Questions presumably loomed over whether he was a fit parent, too. In the past, the man was charged with attempted murder when he got in a physical altercation with the singer. After the incident, they got back together and had the child.

The Department of Human Services is leaning toward giving custody of both children to the singer’s mother and stepfather. The couple had assumed custody of the now 6-year-old during 2011. A custody hearing is slated for April 5.

It is never an easy situation when a number of parties pursue custody of children. One can only imagine the heartache these children are dealing with having lost their mother and thrust into foster care. A family law judge is tasked with the responsibility of determining who could provide the most suitable home, and grant custody rights accordingly.

Source: OMG! “Who Will Get Custody of Mindy McCready’s Sons?” Kathleen Perricone, Feb. 20, 2013

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