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 August 24, 2017 |

As the beginning of the school year approaches, many children returning to school in Louisiana may be nervous about their new beginnings. A new class, new friends or a new school altogether can cause children of all ages anxiety about their first day. When the child’s parents have gone through a divorce during the summer and are now living separately for the first time, the first day of school can be even more overwhelming. There are, however, a number of steps divorced parents can take to ensure their child’s first day back goes as smoothly as possible.

To begin, it is very important to sort out who has custody of the children that morning and where the child will be residing. Depending on the type of child custody arrangement the divorced couple has agreed on, the child could be residing in a different place for the first day of school. Once the parents have figured out where the child will be, it would be beneficial to speak to someone from the district transportation department, ensuring they are aware of the changes of where they will be picking up the child and when.

Talking to the teacher on the first day of school may be beneficial as well, letting them know what the child may be going through emotionally. This helps alert the teacher to signs he or she should be watching for. In addition to this, children should be aware of the schedule so he or she knows who to expect when its time to go home. They could also be told to add both parents to email distribution lists so neither parent presumes the other to keep them abreast.

Depending on the way the marriage ended, parents may agree they can be civil with one another long enough for both of them to be together when dropping their child off to the bus stop on the first day of school. While this would make it a special morning for the children, it is important to keep in mind that if there were even the lightest hesitation, this would not be possible. The parent with custody that morning could proceed alone and send pictures to the other parent.

Divorce can be difficult enough for people to get through. When there are children involved, it becomes even more overwhelming. Custody awards and visitation schedules are difficult to wrap one’s head around initially, but crafting a schedule that suits both parents can be beneficial in the long run. An experienced attorney may be able to help with that.

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