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 June 13, 2018 |

Although most couples expect a marriage to last a lifetime, the reality is that changing interests, diverging careers and a number of other reasons often end up contributing to the end of the marriage. This period of terminating the marriage often is one of confusion and uncertainty-while once a person’s life was going down a set path with a partner, now that person may have no idea where they are going to live and how they are going to manage to go to work with children. These are just some of the family law issues that arise in a divorce that can seem overwhelming for a Louisiana resident.

Uncertainty and confusion often makes people agree to terms in the divorce agreement that might not be in the person’s best interests in the long run. In a rush to get to an agreement, a person might not even know there are certain minimum standards of child support that should be adhered to and what property division rules are applicable. At that time, in the hope of resolving disputes, Louisiana residents ends up shortchanging themselves for the future.

Having someone loyal, knowledgeable and experienced by your side may make a huge difference in the divorce process. Lawyers at the Rowe & Manning Law Firm LLC compassionately assess their clients’ cases and create realistic expectations, even though they try to get the best award possible, either in the court or through negotiation.

It’s important to keep a family’s best interests in mind when going through a divorce, not just in the immediate aftermath of the divorce but also for the future. For more on how we attempt to help clients do just that, visit our page.

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