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 February 1, 2018 |

Not getting the child support that has been ordered can be detrimental to the parent caring for the child; however, the person that is most impacted by this is the child involved. When parents divorce, they are faced with many difficult decisions to make regarding their children. Ultimately, parents must determine who should see the child when and what money is owed to another parent to ensure the child’s financial needs are met.

The attorneys at Rowe Law firm understand the complexities that come with establishing a child support order. Not only is it difficult to reach agreeable terms during dissolution, it often presents issues post-divorce as well. Thus, our law firm is dedicated to helping parents in the Baton Rouge area navigate child support issues during and after divorce.

When parents split, it is often necessary to determine the financial costs associated with raising their child apart. This might mean one parent paying the other parent a monthly or weekly amount to ensure that the child’s needs are met when they are with that parent. Because the needs of the child can change, this might mean modifying this order down the road. Additionally, if a parent fails to make these payments, this can cause hardships for the other parent, as they will not be able to meet all the financial needs of their child on their own.

Our law firm is not only skilled at establishing child support orders; we have extensive experience modifying and enforcing these orders as well. Those dealing with this family law issues should take the time to understand their rights and options. To learn more, check out our law firm’s child support website. This information can equip you with the knowledge to resolve these matters while also protecting the best interests of you children as well.

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