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 April 22, 2013 |

Most men and women are hit with a range of negative emotions during the course of a divorce. The only way to avoid compounding these feelings is by avoiding common mistakes spouses commit during this life-changing event.

Even if a divorce appears to be a mutual decision between spouses, the two sides should avoid trying to be best friends with each other. Obviously the relationship is frayed; otherwise a divorce wouldn’t be necessary. If spouses try to be buddies with each other, either one spouse or both spouses will end up suffering additional heartbreak.

During times of panic or depression, men and women tend to make hasty decisions. Many spouses are likely tempted to make these knee-jerk decisions during divorce. It is best to hold off making these decisions until you are able to devote careful thought to them. Deciding to make a large purchase or uproot your life to move can get your single life started off on the wrong foot.

It is important to seek help during divorce, as well. This does not only include legal help, even though a quality divorce lawyer is paramount. Spouses need professionals who can help them process the emotions of divorce. Spouses are unable to truly get past a divorce until they can work through the emotions that come with this event. Similarly, it is important not to hold in emotions and let them fester. Spouses need to find constructive and healthy ways of releasing the intense emotions that come with divorce.

Furthermore, spouses should avoid letting divorce control their lives. While it is certainly a life-changer, divorce should not be an excuse to stop living.

Unfortunately, there is little room for error during divorce. Mistakes made during this process can have life-lasting effects. Thus is why it is important to handle your emotions and rely on qualified professionals to administer advice.

Source:, “5 Common Divorce Mistakes,” Allison Pescosolido, M.A, April 8, 2013

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