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 March 30, 2018 |

Many Louisiana residents realize that even if their divorce is finalized, and the couple’s relationship has come to an end, they still have to deal with each other, if there are children involved. From coordinating pick-up and drop-off visitation times to monthly child support obligations, the relationship does not ever seem to really come to end. Unfortunately, when the child support order fails to address certain issues, then the dispute may also never seem to end.

Children these days are taking music lessons, participating in sports activities, going to daycare or enrolled in summer camps. Though the cost of these activities is catered into the marital relationship, the burden of paying them falls into the air when the couple divorces. If not addressed in the divorce and included in the original award, they will likely fall under extras. This means the custodial parent will be responsible for making these payments.

What is not part of a child support order? Afterschool care, summer caps, nannies and babysitters may not be included, if the custodial parent cannot demonstrate a need for them. This generally means the custodial parent is working or studying and needs assistance in taking care of young children. When it comes to older children, school photos, private music lessons, yearbooks, academic tutoring and recital fees are generally not catered into the cost of child support. As kids get older, wedding and college funds are also not included in the cost.

It is important to understand what child support covers and what it should cover, given a family’s individual needs. For this purpose, keeping in mind the long-run expenses that could be accrued is very important. It can be beneficial to consult an experienced attorney to ensure everything is covered.

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